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Home > Chains > Chain and Sprocket Kits > Driven 2000-2005 Suzuki GSXR750 520 Conversion Power Up Kit
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Driven 2000-2005 Suzuki GSXR750 520 Conversion Power Up Kit
Driven 2000-2005 Suzuki GSXR750 520 Conversion Power Up Kit
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Gearing :
Chain Color :
Rear Sprocket :

Driven 2000-2005 Suzuki GSXR750 520 Conversion Power Up Kit

Driven Racing 520 Conversion Power Up Kits combine the most popular gearing choices with the highest quality RK 520 Chain to help unleash the power within your bike!

Driven Racing 520 Conversion Power Up Kits come with a case hardened steel front sprocket, a black steel or choice of 4 different colored aluminum rear sprockets and a gold or black RK 520 chain to suit your style and performance needs.

Steel rear sprocket Power Up Kits will provide the longest life possible while the aluminum rear sprocket Power Up Kits will allow your bike to perform to it's full potential. All Driven Racing Power Up Kits feature RK 520 chains in gold or black. The gold RK chain will be suited to the displacement of your motorcycle, with 600 and 750 models coming with the RK 520 XSO chain and the liter bikes coming with the RK 520 GXW chain. The black RK chain is only available in the GXW, so all kits using the black chain, regardless of displacement, will come with the heavier duty RK 520 GXW chain.

For the track or for the street, the Driven Racing 520 Conversion Power Up Kits offer the style and performance you have been looking for, pre-packaged and ready to go!

Driven Racing 520 Conversion Power Up Kit Gearing Options

Kit Gearing Change From Stock



 -1 Front

 -1 Front +2 Rear

Driven Racing 520 Conversion Power Up Kits

Steel Rear Sprocket with Black RK Chain

Aluminum Rear Sprocket with Gold RK Chain

Driven Racing front sprockets are made of case hardened steel and are hard anodized for strength allowing Driven to drill holes to reduce overall weight and mass. Every Driven sprocket is checked and tested to ensure the highest quality and reliability to satisfy the demands of today’s high powered motorcycles.

Front Steel Sprocket

Driven Racing steel rear sprockets are a great economical choice for those looking for all the quality and performance of a Driven sprocket while also looking for maximum life from their sprocket. Every Driven steel rear sprocket is manufactured to the highest quality in the industry. While Driven 520 steel sprockets weigh in at an average of only 1.5 lbs., they are made of the highest quality 45C steel available and are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship. Driven Racing steel rear sprockets are heat treated and quenched for maximum strength, then electro-static plated black for protection and a dynamic black finish.

Black Steel Rear Sprocket

Driven Racing aluminum rear sprockets are made using only the finest aluminum available in the world. Driven shapes the tooth profile on a hobbing machine which guarantees the perfect shape and fit for the least amount of friction and subsequent wear when mated to the chain. The final color anodizing further increases the strength and durability of the sprocket. Four anodized colors are available: black, blue, gold and red. Choose the color that best matches or compliments the colors of your motorcycle. Throughout the entire process the disc undergoes rigorous quality control insuring each individual sprocket is perfectly flat and concentric. This guarantees the finest product available.

Driven Racing Aluminum Rear Sprocket Colors

Black Aluminum Rear Sprocket

Blue Aluminum Rear Sprocket

Gold Aluminum Rear Sprocket

Red Aluminum Rear Sprocket



Q:  What does -1 in the front and +2 in the rear mean?

A:  Faster acceleration off the line, but less top end.

Q:  What does -2 in the rear mean?
A:  A lower engine RPM at a given speed.

Q:  Can I use my new sprockets with my old chain?
A:  No, a used chain has stretched and will damage the new sprockets.

Q:  Can I use my new chain with my old sprockets?
A:  No, it will damage the new chain.

Q:  Can I change to a different pitch from stock?
A:  Yes, as long as you match all the sprockets and chain.

Q:  What is the difference between aluminum and steel sprockets?
A:  The main difference is weight, which affects the rotating mass and performance.

Q:  Which will last longer, aluminum or steel?
A:  Steel will usually last longer and is more durable.

Q:  What does the tensile strength of a chain mean?
A:  The tensile strength of a chain should match the size and horsepower of the motor.

Q:  How do I tell if my chain and sprockets should be replaced?
A:  Pull the chain away from the rear sprocket at the 3 o’clock position. If you can see light between the

     chain and sprocket it should be replaced.

Q:  Can I go from my stock OEM 530 chain pitch to a 520 pitch?
A:  Yes, as long as you use a higher strength chain.


Q:  What is chain pitch?
A:  It is the distance between the barrels and the width of the side plates. Chain pitches usually come

     in 520, 525 and 530.

Q:  Can I use different pitch sprockets or chain for my chain kit?
A:  No, both the front and rear sprockets as well as the chain must all be the same chain pitch.


Q:  How do I know how to correctly install my countershaft sprocket?

A:  Always measure the distance between the sprocket itself and the motor before you attempt to

     replace it. This will help you later with the correct orientation when re-installing the front sprocket.


Q:  After installing my new chain kit, I noticed it makes more noise than it did before.

A:  This is normal, as the OEM front sprocket comes from the factory with a rubber bushing in place for

     noise reduction. This also causes more friction, which means lower performance.


Q:  Do I need to lube my chain?

A:  Yes! You should clean and lube your chain at least every 300 miles and even more often if your

     chain is often exposed to the elements such as rain or dirt.


Q:  How can I tell if my chain is adjusted properly?

A:  By pushing the chain upward from the mid-point between sprockets. Usually about an inch of

     upward movement is good. Remember, a little loose is always better than a little too tight.


Q:  Can I use harsh chemicals / engine degreaser to clean my chain?

A:  No! Aside from removing the anodizing from the rear sprocket, these harsh chemicals will destroy

     the x-rings in your chain and ultimately ruin your chain.


Q:  What does -1 tooth on my countershaft sprocket do?

A:  Essentially, -1 front is equal to going up 2 3/4 teeth on the rear sprocket. A lower teeth count up

     front results in more low end power and less top end.

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