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Home > Clutches > EBC 2011-2013 Yamaha FZ8 Clutch Kit
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EBC 2011-2013 Yamaha FZ8 Clutch Kit
EBC 2011-2013 Yamaha FZ8 Clutch Kit
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Clutch :
Without brakes a motorcycle will not stop, without a clutch it won't even move. The clutch of your motorcyle is important and is often overlooked. An accident may be caused by a clutch that is not functioning properly.

If your clutch starts to slip, this is the first sign that a replacement is needed. Always replace at least the full set of friction plates with the EBC CK Standard Series Clutch Kit or both the friction plates and clutch springs.

EBC Clutch Kits come with matched stack height controlled friction plates that feature wide ear construction helping to spread the load in the clutch basket and prevent what is known as Dogging. Dogging is when the ears cut into the alloy clutch basket causing increased slippage and a rough clutch that will eventually ruin your engine. EBC Clutch Kits feature smooth wide eared forged alloy drive plates with unique alloy impregnated friction linings to help prevent burn up and slippage and are the best clutch kits you can buy.

Installation should only be attempted by accomplished mechanics making sure to always follow the manufacturer's handbook and using the correct type and amount of oil when refilling.

Please Note: Always use an EBC Clutch Tool to avoid clutch basket damage.

EBC CK Standard Series Clutch Kits

EBC CK Standard Series Clutch Kits include a complete engine set of friction plates only. The stack height controlled friction plates feature the unique EBC alloy particle impregnated clutch facings that prevent burn up and slippage. Every EBC CK Standard Series Clutch Kit is matched and measured for a perfect stack height. EBC does not recommend trying to fit individual friction plates.

EBC CK Standard Series Clutch Kit Features:

  • Almost identical to OEM clutch plates
  • Ideal for general purpose street/sport/touring bikes
  • Cork based clutch material is impregnated with aluminum particles to help increase wear life and heat resistance
  • Highly compressed construction avoids swell and clutch drag
  • CK Series Clutch Kit includes complete engine set of friction plates only
  • Not for use with full synthetic oil
CSK Series Clutch Spring Sets

Clutch springs fall into two basic types:

Coil Springs

These are spiral wound springs using 4-8 pieces per set made from heat treated high carbon steel and come in various shapes and sizes delivering differing spring tensions depending on the size of the bike and the horsepower of the engine. It is important to note that you cannot change the basic shape of these springs to gain any performance advantage, but the springs in the EBC SRC and SRK Clutch Kits have slightly thicker winding material and deliver 10-15% more clamp pressure which can help reduce clutch slip or fast clutch wear on your machine. All springs get tired and should be replaced at every engine rebuild or clutch overhaul.

Diaphragm Springs

These springs are a dish shaped flat steel pressure ring and there are normally only 1 or 2 in a bikes engine. You should never add more springs to a diaphragm spring setup. If you do wish to upgrade the clamp load and your bikes is fitted with a diaphragm spring clutch kit, the springs in the EBC SRC and SRK Clutch Kits are built with 10-15% more clamp pressure than stock which can help reduce clutch slip and premature clutch wear.

EBC Clutch Removal Tool

The EBC Clutch Removal Tool can hold the basket or plate hub to allow loosening or tightening of the retaining bolts minimizing the risk of damage to the engine and clutch parts.

EBC Clutch Removal Tool Features:

  • Speeds clutch removal
  • Secures clutch basket or plate hub
  • Aids in unlocking clutch retainer bolts

EBC Clutch Safety Hints

Never park the motorcycle in gear, especially with electric start models. A sudden lunge forward can cause an accident. Normally there is an electronic override to prevent this, but if that fails the bike could move.

Never reverse a motorcycle with the vehicle in gear and the clutch open. If you slip or lose your footing the bike can lurch forward, spin around and you could seriously injure yourself.

Never rev an engine excessively while in gear with the clutch open. Racers of course do this, but this is on a race track with clear conditions ahead and a lot of experience. Reving an engine at a highway junction or in traffic is dangerous, one slip and the bike will shoot forward.

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